Monday, January 20, 2014

LAMP Newsletter - Bell Visual Arts Fall 2013

Visual Arts In Review- By Mrs. Nohelty

Throughout the course of the school year, every class from Kindergarten to Third grade meets once a week for 45 minutes in the art classroom. Bell Students will have art for approximately 12 art classes each grading period.
The program is designed to provide an enriching Fine Art experience for every student regardless of their skill-level, talent, or aptitude. All students have the opportunity to create and participate in an individualized yet cooperative artistic environment. 
In the Bell Elementary art program we focus on creativity and expression of individual artistic accomplishment. The students, regardless of age, are encouraged to engage in the visual arts while working within the structure and expectations of the Marblehead Public School Fine Arts Curriculum, and the Massachusetts State Visual Arts Educational Frameworks. Art lessons within the Bell School program are developed with a strong emphasis age appropriate artistic skills while integrating the theories of Elements and Principals around Art and Design.  Students are graded according to their willingness to participate, age appropriate visual art skill sets and classroom behavior.

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