Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kindergarten Project - Jan Brett's "The Mitten" focus on Shape, Line and Color

We started the class by reading the story "The Mitten" about a boy who asks his grandmother to knit him white mittens. She's hesitant to make him a pair of "snow white" mittens, but finally agrees as long as he doesn't loose them. When the boy loses his white mitten in the snow a whole list of woodland animals move in to the abandoned mitten. The kindergartners love the story and Jan Brett's beautiful illustrations.  
Once the story is finished I ask the students if they could design a mitten that couldn't be "lost" in the snow. The challenge was to design their own mittens that would stand out against a white snowy background using shapes, line, and color in patterns and designs that were interesting and appealing to them. Students used mitten tracers to trace the shape of a mitten onto white card stock. They were then asked to design a mitten using basic geometric shapes and lines. They were provided with rulers to help create a geometric repeating patterns to organize their shape motif. The finished the mitten with bright colors from construction paper crayons.

This was an interesting project for the kids. The feedback from the kids was very positive. They were so excited about the book "The Mitten" and loved designing their own huge colorful mittens for display.

Kindergarten Student - The Mitten Project

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  1. Thank you! Doing a lesson on the The Mitten for our children's literature class at the homeschool co-op and needed a great art lesson.