Thursday, December 8, 2011

I would first like to send a huge thank you to the McGurrin family for the donation of the wonderful wrapping paper sample books. I knew exactly what we were going to use them for when they arrived. The paper samples were colorful and bright. The kids had a blast selecting just the right colors and textures for their paper quilts. We love recycled materials in the Art Lab!

First graders connection with children's literacy and the visual arts began the year with Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach. I read the book, Tar Beach to the kids, and inspired the first grade students to create their own personal happy memory quilt square. To begin making their art, students drew a scene of their favorite memory from the previous summer on a 9X9" square piece of paper. They used black sharpies, crayola markers and tempera cake paints to create the work. The students attached the mixed media memory drawing to a 12x12" square. Next the cut out squares of wrapping paper and glued them around the perimeter of to create a colorful quilt like quality to the art.

Here's Faith Ringgold's "Tar Beach" Quilt...

1st Grade response to "Tar Beach" Quilt assignment:

All three 1st grade classes displayed in the front of the Art Room at Bell!

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