Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Second Grade Art - November 2011

The 2nd graders at Bell School just completed a unit study on Vincent Van Gogh. They focused on Van Gogh's landscapes and his use of texture and color to create movement and excitement in his work. They began their art project with a study of the life and art of Van Gogh. Students were looking at various landscape images painted by Van Gogh, but focused primarily on "Starry Night".
The kids began by drawing a landscape image on black paper with crayola gel black paper pens. They were asked to create lines that show movement in the sky and ground. They traced the original drawings with Elmer's school glue. Once dried (this takes about 2 days) they used charcoal pastels to bring color and texture to their art. The final projects are beautiful, colorful and wonderful representations of the student artists who created them. Here are a couple of examples:

 Miss Lilian - Grade 2

Miss Julia - Grade 2

These two will be on display at the National Grand Bank in Marblehead this winter!

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